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Neil does a phenomenal job providing information it's taken many of us years to accumulate. I highly recommend following him, especially for folks new to the architectural sales field.
~ Jeff Kloster, Past President, The Rhino Group, Inc.

It’s crazy how the most effective actions are often obvious only after they've been called out. I have several of our Longboard team members following Neil. I appreciate the insights he shares.
~ Mike Heppell, President, Longboard Architectural Products

Neil has a skill when it comes to sharing useful, constructive information helping the sales community better communicate with the AEC community. Isn’t this the ultimate goal, finding a balance that works for everyone’s benefit. His weekly newsletters are a goldmine full of tips and tricks, and the way they are formatted, you can easily find what suits your sales personality best.
~ Elizabeth Murphy, Technical Sales Rep, Sika Corporation

Always thinking about marketing and relationships is how ideas evolve. Neil's posts & emails put product reps in the mind space of building connections. Thank you for that!
~ Angela Ruckstadter, National Sales Rep, Cordeck

I'm really enjoying the content and have even saved Neil's emails in a folder to return to as we continue developing our OAA strategy.
~ Zac Adams, Owner, Gateway Marketing Solutions

…Someone I can trust, not only because of his incredible work ethic but also for his copywriting and marketing intuition.
~ Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing and Serial Direct Marketer

LinkedIn has so much noise these days. It’s refreshing when useful information is on here. Something like Neil’s content early in my career would have been helpful!
~ Brian Lerkins, Digital Sales Account Executive, Watts Water Technologies

...Neil is like a customer in our pocket…
~ Ashley Macaro, Product Marketing Manager, STANLEY Access Technologies

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